1st Anniversary Roundup


Happy birthday!

Happy Blogoversary!

Just plain ol’ happy happy!

TODAY marks one year of blogging at Choosing the Better Life. Thank you for joining me on this thrill ride.

I’ve got more to say (what a shock, I know) about one year of blogging and two years of island living. More anniversary tidbits are headed your way in the week to come!


Meanwhile, for your weekend reading or reminiscing, here is a roundup of the blog’s Top 10 posts from the last year, based on reader popularity as most-viewed posts.  This is not an exact science. Since I made the conversion from blogspot to wordpress during the year, my stats aren’t clean. So, this is based on combined stats and loosely edited by Yours Truly! Click on the titles below to see each post. Enjoy!

#1 Hunting Large Sea Snails

This post (April 10, 2012) documented my foray into whelk-hunting (with a knife, out of a boat!) and eating them. As I reflect on this post, ten months later, I still smile at the memories of the fun evening excursion. Alas, my boating skills haven’t improved much in that time, though! Just the other day, tide was exceptionally low and Beau commented it’d be a good time to go get some whelks.  Looks like we’re due!

#2 Visit to Long Island, Bahamas

This post (June 26, 2012) brings back fond memories. Although I’m partial to my particular island, our in-country travel has been a delightful opportunity for me to explore other islands of the Bahamas. This trip was a definite favorite as you can see!

#3 Life is Precious

This post (May 31, 2012 ) touches on tragedy and grief. Almost a year later, I know my friend still aches. And, in the year that’s passed, others of you have lost loved ones. This post goes out to you, too.

#4 Gorgeous Aerial Views

This post (April 16, 2012) still takes my breath away – as does every flight to and from the island. Truly spectacular. Click on the link and see for yourself!

#5 A Perfect Day (Fishing, Snorkeling, Conch Salad)

This post (June 7, 2012) still warms me inside out. What a blissful day! I’m happy to report that I’ve had others like it since then. This captures the best of island living in one day (and one blog post).

#6 Random Things I Didn’t Know About Island Life

This post (March 7, 2012) reminds me how far I’ve come – and how much I continue to learn. Each of these lessons holds true today (although I DO remember to check my gas gauge these days, and my bikinis are hanging in there by tying the straps tighter and tighter). Seriously, men pee in the bush a lot!

#7 Snorkeling in the Aquarium (with Video!)

This post (July 9, 2012) captures another great day on, in and under the water! I love the video of the Sergeant Majors and other fish swarming Beau – that’s really what it’s like! I’m also reminded of how very peaceful it is underwater. Silent except for the crackle of the sea creatures.

#8 Stepping on a Sea Urchin

This post (September 18, 2012) makes me cringe! It also gives me a smile as I shake my head at how much Better Life readers seem to enjoy stories of me messing up something or another! 🙂 This time it was myself, in a couple different ways! Five months later, my foot remains fine, although the rest of the spines never did emerge. What a mess, indeed!

#9 What?! Seasick?!

This post (January 23, 2013) still smarts as it’s only a month prior and my shame still lingers. 🙂 Once again, Better Life readers loved my embarrassing discomfort. Just teasing. Thanks for the comments of so many of you sea veterans being able to relate with your own experiences!

 #10 Bringing Home the Bacon (Spear-Fishing)

This post (March 2, 2012) makes me antsy to get back out there! I haven’t been out diving in quite a while – and I love it so! Re-reading this post is a good reminder to myself to maintain Better Life balance and take off when the next opportunity arises!


So there you have it! Our first year’s Top 10 list. I omitted posts that ranked up there if they are ones I’ve been linking to alot, especially in this anniversary season. Such as:

What have you enjoyed best about the first year of Choosing the Better Life? Did I miss any of your favorite posts in the above lists? THANK YOU, Dear Readers!

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