How Did You End Up On An Island? Part 2

If you’ve been reading along with me, you’ll know that the answer to Part 1 of this question involved opening myself up to broader possibilities and taking the leap of quitting my job as a lawyer. As I wrote in that post, my job for the next year was going to be to design an exciting new life, one that was more in alignment with my true self and how I really felt inside, now that I would have the luxury of time to sift through the clutter of our hectic lives and figure mine out!

Okay, So You Quit Your Midwestern Job, But How Did You End Up On An Island?

I spent the first week of voluntary unemployment sleeping in, going to lunches and matinees with my stay-at-home-mom friends, snuggling on the couch with my darling dog, Angel, and voraciously reading books. Or, as it helped me to think about it so that I didn’t feel too lazy, I spent my first week implementing the first component of my new plan – to just BE and decompress for a little while.

My first real order of business came quickly: ditch winter and spend time with my family in Florida. While there, I also planned to duck away for a week-long trip to a tiny island in the Bahamas where my family had been vacationing for 25 years.We had even built a family home on the island, but I hadn’t visited in several years.

Well, one week on the island turned into a month, turned into several months. Walking into that small community of people who had known me since I was 16 was a true homecoming. I love the small-town values combined with a sophisticated flair from an international mix of people, the indescribable beauty of the sea, the comforting warmth of the sunshine, the overwhelming peace and contentment I feel here, the pace and experiences of island living, and the time to fulfill all my domestic “nesting” leanings.

I was home.

Why go back to the cold? Why return to the rat race? I was HAPPY on the island. At peace. Satisfied. Content. To the core. Sure, there were still a host of unknowns, but I quietly sensed that it would all just work itself out. This is where Faith comes in for me. For once, I wasn’t trying to plan every detail, and it was evolving better than I could have even imagined. I trusted that would be the case with eventual work and other details, too.

So, I sold off everything in the States and declared this small island my permanent home, with my U.S. base conveniently with family in South Florida.

Massive Moving Sale

I kept the beloved piano and giant sunflowers photo, but ditched the shovel and winter gear!

Amazing what you’ll part with when the question becomes “Is this worth moving cross-country & paying for storage space?”

Taking stock and marking off one of my many lists during the sale/move.

Ahhh, already on my way to a Better Life!

A Word About Love

One other thing – as much as I try to protect the privacy of those close to me who may be less than enthused about their lives being broadcast in this manner (like my uber-private beau), my story is incomplete without one other critical piece. Back on the island, I reconnected with The Great Love of My Life, a Bahamian man I had dated for 5 years more than a decade prior. It is such a small community that I suspected I would cross paths with him when I came for my visit. But there was so much water under our respective bridges that I wasn’t sure if we would even still be friends, much less entertain the possibility of a romantic reunion.

However, some fires are inextinguishable. Our love burns stronger than ever, and coming to this as wiser, more-experienced people gives us a fresh perspective and appreciation for what we have. We are together now, and we expect we will be forever this time around.

Laughing and happy with my beau!

Life is good.

I am so thankful every day that I followed those “illogical” nudgings. To me, that is what Faith is all about, and mine has deepened tremendously. I am so thankful that my Type A personality let go of my ingrained habit to plan and attempt to control every detail. Rather, by trusting that something better would evolve for me and my loved ones, it does. And it just keeps getting better in ways that I could not even have imagined.

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey! May you dare to live your life to its fullest, too. It’s not your location that matters; it’s your state of mind! Be open to Choosing The Better Life for yourself. I can’t wait to hear about your journey!

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