Gorgeous Aerial Views

Welcome to a new week! I was in Nassau over the weekend, running errands, visiting with my beau’s family and attending the funeral of a friend’s son. As tragic and sad as that was – a life cut far too short – it was a good day with family and friends. Reminders in so many ways, large and small, to make each and every day count!

The flight home from Nassau is about 30-40 minutes in a small, single-engine plane. After dozing as we left Nassau yesterday, I roused myself for the last 15 minutes to enjoy the spectacular aerial views of the island chain. I’ve posted some photos like this before, but the beauty never ceases to amaze me. Like a snowflake, each photo is unique – the islands remain mostly the same, but the difference in tides, winds, currents, etc. make for nuanced patterns in the water on any given day.

The photos below show off the myriad colors and patterns. Some of the aqua swirls have white in them. Those are the very shallow parts with sand bars or the sand showing through. The water is simply that clear and it sometimes appears as though there is no water at all!

Yesterday’s weather was very windy. (With a strong cross-wind, that also made for a very bumpy descent and landing! Glad my local pilot makes this trip several times a day in all kinds of conditions!) Because of the wind, the water was choppier than usual. In some of the photos, you’ll see whitecaps and waves crashing against rock from the eastern windward side.

To me, these pictures are like the swirls of color in an impressionist’s painting. Even better, because it’s REAL. And best of all, because it’s my neighborhood! 🙂 Enjoy the flight.

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