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My dearest Better Lifers, I have missed you!

Since launching this blog four months ago (is that all? It feels like we’ve been together longer than that!), this is the longest I’ve been away from you. It has been exceptionally busy lately – even for “island busy!” Some of the reasons why will warrant individual blog posts in the future, but, in a nutshell, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Beau’s dog, Milo, injured himself somehow and has been limping. To keep him from running and wrestling with the other island dogs, we’ve been keeping him contained in the house – which means double duty for me on dog baths and tick checks!
  • My beau just turned 50! He threw a weekend-long party in the center of town, so we were busy with all kinds of party prep – and enjoying the parties!
  • Lots of beau’s family (and friends) came in from Nassau and other places to celebrate with us. At one point, I had 15 people staying in the house!
  • In the midst of all this, we’ve had some home renovation projects underway. The morning that the first family arrived, my bedroom, bathroom and closet contents were still sitting in the living room! The new tile dried and I scrambled to move everything back. After family left, the renovations resumed, so the house is still a bit chaotic.
  • As part of the kids program we run, we went overnight camping on another island with 17 children ages 5 to 14! Came home, showered, slept a couple hours and then went back out to conduct the “graduation ceremony” now that the summer program is concluded.
  • A storm system passed through more than a week ago, with lots of rain, thunder and lightning. Most notable, however, was that the tower in George Town was struck by lightning, so I have been without internet service until today!
  • Today lends itself well to catching up on the internet after a two-week hiatus because I am spending most of my time lying on the couch. To treat myself to a “Better Life” kind of day after getting through everything above, I went out with friends yesterday for a boat ride and swim on a gorgeous day. While wading through a channel, I stepped on a sea urchin – EEEEOOOOOWWWW! I’ll explain more about that soon, but it ain’t pretty. I’m nursing 19 sticker pricks in my right foot.

Ahhh, island living. I’m still loving it! I look forward to catching up with you more soon.

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