Regatta Farewell

Dearest Readers, consider this my TEMPORARY farewell. Regatta fever continues. Now my adrenalin is really racing as we are about to set sail! Literally. We are leaving on a friend’s sailboat and leisurely headed down to the Regatta. (My family is visiting and taking care of the house and Angel, and I’ll be delighted to spend more time together upon my return.)

I won’t bother taking my computer with me, and I don’t have any mobile gadgets other than a very basic cell phone. Upon leaving the States, I gave up the old Blackberry! While Bahamians also have all the latest iphones, ipads, etc., part of my Better Life is controlling myself against the lure of constant-internet-everything. So, while I’d love to update you periodically from the middle of it all, I will remain unplugged and “in the moment” and just enjoy it! Of course, I’ll be snapping photos like crazy and will fill you in upon my return. Since I’m going to be unplugged, any new comments you make won’t post until my return. Thank you for your patience, and I’ll certainly respond then.

Have a wonderful couple of weeks and I’ll talk to you early May! Hugs and Better Life blessings to each of you!

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