Weekend Unplugged

Dear Readers, I hope you’ve been having a wonderful, Better-Life kind of week! I definitely have. I’ve been relishing being back home: nesting, organizing closets, cooking, laundry, catching up on my “lists,” seeing friends, eating fish and lobster (lobster season is now closed but people keep some frozen to have on hand), boat rides, fishing (nothing caught, but still fun), snuggle time with Angel, planning some summer activities with the local kids, working on freelance writing project proposals, enjoying the night’s bright sky as the moon nears full, going for walks and so much more good island living!

The morning seems abuzz with extra excitement today – boats racing back and forth among the islands carrying people to work, golf carts and trucks rumbling along the roads. After today’s work day, the holiday commences. Most people will be off-work tomorrow and Monday for the Easter holiday. Everyone seems to be looking forward to a long weekend.

That includes me! I plan to celebrate by . . . unplugging from the computer! I know I’ve mentioned here before that I try to keep some boundaries with the computer – primarily on evenings and weekends – to preserve the simple island life and not get overly sucked into the internet at all hours. I haven’t been as disciplined lately because I’m having so much fun blogging with you and connecting with interesting folks on Facebook and Twitter about the Better Life. But, for this weekend, it’s back to basics!

So, as of this afternoon, I’m going to sign off until early next week. I encourage you to do (somewhat of) the same and enjoy the simple pleasures of your lives – time with significant others, children, family; reading a good book; going for a walk; getting together with friends you may not have had time for lately; spending some time celebrating the holiday in church/synagogue or in quiet meditation by yourself in a peaceful setting. Happy Easter, have a good Passover, enjoy your long weekend and keep Choosing the Better Life every day for yourself!

Happy holiday weekend!

4 Responses to Weekend Unplugged

  • Sarah says:

    Have a Blessed and Relaxing Weekend!

  • Dawn says:

    Thanks, Sarah! You, too!

  • tagal says:

    Thanks for continuing to remind us that the we can "choose the better life" right where each of us are. I am turning off my computer, going for a walk, picking up that book I have been trying to finish, going to Easter services at church on Sunday…then we'll see what's on the computer on Monday!Have a great weekend and we will "see you" then.

  • Dawn says:

    Wonderful, Tagal! I hope you had as delightful a weekend as that sounds. In the Bahamas, Easter Monday is a holiday, too, so I'm just now beginning the computer wade-through to catch up. 😉

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