Fish-Cleaning Video

Good morning, Better Lifers! I have a special treat for you today . . . a video!

Some of the guys went out diving (e.g., free-diving and spear-fishing) on Sunday afternoon. They brought back boatloads – literally – of fish. I enjoyed hanging out at the fish-cleaning bench with all the action. I happily snapped away to take tons of pictures for you and will post those soon. Meanwhile, enjoy this video preview!

Here’s a quick description of what you’re about to see . . .

One of the guys skillfully cleans a large grouper. He holds the fish by its mouth, and you can see the large gills open. He uses a super-sharp knife to slice off the scales. (Later – off camera – he cuts into the fish to separate the head, pare off the fillets, and prepare the rest of the fish for soups/stews/other.) You’ll hear me ask him how large this grouper is – 25 pounds!

Then the camera pans down to another man squatting over a pile of fish and separating the lobster tails into a bucket of seawater.

If you notice, the fish bench is right on the edge of the clear blue water. Sorry for the extra noise, but that’s the wind into my camera mic on this gusty day.

And perhaps my favorite part . . . I doubt most of you will be able to follow too closely, but you’ll hear the banter and chatter that accompanies fish-cleaning in all its Bahamian glory!


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