Island Details

Do You Miss It? (Island Living)

Sometimes, people will ask me, “Do you miss it?” The specifics they’re ascribing to that question depend on the context of whatever we’ve just been discussing. However, it usually falls into one of two scenarios: (1) Island Living – the micro view of the challenges inherent in living on a tiny island, or (2) Big Life Change – the macro view of how dramatically I’ve changed my life. Let’s tackle the first one here today.

Island Living

I’ve described before just how very small this island actually is. When talking about life here, which necessarily involves limited shopping and entertainment… Continue reading

Random Things I Didn’t Know About Island Life

After visiting this island for 25 years, sometimes for long stretches, I really thought I had a pretty good handle on the ins and outs of island living. Silly, I suppose, given that there is ALWAYS something new to learn in any venture. Also, I thought I knew how tough the ever-present elements of salt, sun, sand and humidity were on materials. Nope. I’ve had plenty of surprises, small and large, or simply things I hadn’t considered before. Such as:

“Stainless Steel” means what is says. It will stain LESS, but it is not rustproof in the way I took… Continue reading

Little Island Bursting With Life

In order to make sense of some of the things I’m bound to say as we blog along together, perhaps I should first describe this little island in more detail.

I live on a small island in the midst of a chain of 356 small islands in the Bahamas. This island is teensy-tiny for as much as it has going on. It is less than five square miles, with fewer than 100 native residents. Added to that are a handful of full-time others – like me – and a host of multi-month residents, vacation home-owners, tourists and boaters. Because of… Continue reading

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