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Curious to see more of my island environment? Come along with me on a photo tour . . .

Aerial shot of the island chain leading me towards home. The water really looks like that!

Approaching the island where I live. The short runway takes up most of the island!

Yawn . . . my view from the bed each morning.

Morning view from the corner of my back deck.

View from my kitchen – no wonder I enjoy cooking more these days!

Love my backyard.

Sunrise, looking east from my front deck.

Sunset, from the back deck. They are breath-taking and appear in an array of different colors and cloud formations each evening.

And here’s another, because it’s just so spectacular.

My laundry flapping in the breeze – my favorite household chore.

The Airport. Seriously. This is it. And we’re lucky to even have one; many of the small cays do not.

The School. It is a government-run, public school, grades K-8 in one room. After that, the children leave to go to a high school on one of the larger islands (and usually live with extended family.)

The Clinic. The only medical facility on the island, this government-run clinic is staffed by a nurse. To see a doctor, people travel to Nassau or another city.

The Church. It is a traditional Baptist church, but warmly welcomes all persons since it is the only church on the island.

The Library. Contained in an historic one-room home, this is funded and run by volunteers.

Looking out toward the primary local marina.

Looking down the road in the Village at two of the three or four bars/restaurants currently in operation on the island.

The Mailboat at the Government Dock. The boat arrives approximately every 10 days – an inexact schedule dependent upon weather, labor disputes and boat repairs. The mail boat brings produce and supplies to the local businesses and a wide array of items that individuals order from Nassau.

The ocean beach, on the rugged side of the island. Most of the other beach pictures you see (with the turquoise hues) are from the protected side of the island chain.

One of many iguanas that inhabit a nearby island.

Swimming pigs! They live on an uninhabited island nearby.

Sailboat race of traditional Bahamian sloops – exciting local sport throughout the country!

Lots of boats come out to watch the race. I never tire of looking at the beautiful water!

My local friend (in his winter gear) directs the boat toward the best spear-fishing area. The water is so clear (and he has been diving this area for decades), so he can see down to gauge the best spot!

See the fish on the spear? It was caught using a sling. Water depth here is about 20-30 feet.

Part of a day’s haul: hog fish (my favorite!), grouper, trigger fish, lobster (mmmm), conch, etc.

Some of the sharpest knives you’ll ever see. Used to clean the fish, with a surgeon’s precision.

Nurse sharks gather at the fish bench for the scraps tossed in the water by the fish cleaners.

Closer view. Wanna get any closer? People do!

I assisted in cooking my first-ever whole fish – eyeballs and all!

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi) – caught with rod-n-reel. They flash gorgeous colors as they jump upon being hooked. Delicious to eat later, too! (No sport fishing for us around here – only catch what we eat.)

My neighbors’ scavenger hunt turned up all of this from the water and nearby cays.

Snorkeling the underwater beauty.

Magnificent eagle rays.

Sunken airplane nearby that is now a great snorkel reef.

14 Responses to Photo Tour

  • Anonymous says:

    These photos really capture all the beauty of the Island and how wonderful to be in harmony with nature! I love the blog:)

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow where do I sign up. Just wondering how people support themselves on such a small island.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks for your interest! For the locals, the primary areas of employment here are tourism, construction and all things water-related. I’ll speak more to this in a future blog – great inquiry.

  • nicole says:

    Truly beautiful. You have captured some of the energy of life there. Thanks for letting us live vicariously (for now)!

  • Bob says:

    This is wonderful. For years I have been hearing stories of this magical place and now you are actually going to bring them to life for us.

  • Shannon gay says:

    Hello Dawn, I love you pictures, amazing job!! Im looking foward to coming back down this Febuary. See you soon! This time the guys will win the scavenger hunt!!
    (Butchs cousin)

  • Jo says:

    Hi Dawn. It’s funny-I just hit your blog today for the first time. I actually looked at my hubby last night and said if I don’t leave the stress of my job I’m going to die of a heart attack or something even more horrible. “We need to go to an island somewhere” is what I seriously said. After he moved his eyebrows in a manner I have never witnessed from a human (I’m a nurse…) he said “you are crazy”. And here I am at your site. Things that make you go hmmmmmm…..

    So, how would we support ourselves on an Island, we’re not spring chickens anymore?

    Love it and You are really great and interesting-keep writing sweetie.


    • Dawn says:

      Wow, Jo, welcome! I don’t believe in “coincidences,” so keep exploring and see how you continue to feel! You just never know. 🙂 Yes, income/support is key. For me, it’s living on savings from my years as a lawyer, a generous Beau and family, and a transitional career as a freelance writer. The internet has opened up tons of opportunities for travelers, island dwellers and “location independent” workers. Since you already seem to be scouring the internet to feed this new dream, look for expat blogs and you’ll see tons of variety in how they support themselves. Twitter is a great resource, too. Also, the work rules of your adopted country will be important. It’s possible you could even get a permit to work as a nurse in your new environment! Or, maybe you’ll find that this current dream is just starting you down a path that will take an entirely different direction. (I thought I was going to move to Nashville and focus on songwriting!!) Regardless, cheers to you for paying attention to how you feel, being willing to make changes and Choosing your own Better Life! Best wishes and keep in touch.

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