Island Dog

The phrase “A Dog’s Life” takes on even more meaning when the dog enjoys the pleasures of island living. Let’s shadow Angel, my now-island dog, as she goes about daily life on the island.

Island Dogs

But, first, a word about TRUE island dogs. Some have collars, some don’t. No tags are required, as far as I know. Island dogs definitely don’t travel on leashes. Rather, they roam quite freely, trotting down the various island roads, going for swims as they please, even chasing the occasional chicken. Alas, I don’t trust my City-bred (e.g., always tethered) dog to understand that running around near vehicles is dangerous to her health. Nor do I trust her not to bark relentlessly at random passers-by because she seems to think she owns the entirety of this end of the island. And so on. So, while Angel loves being an island dog, she does have restrictions. As you will see, she lives a great life nonetheless.


The truest of the true island dogs are “potcakes” – a Bahamian version of a mixed breed mutt. Potcakes tend to have orange/brownish coats with short, coarse hair. They also tend to be mid-sized, lean, and very durable to a rugged life. Very few indoor berths for these dogs, and certainly no sleeping in the bed with the owners! Covered in sand and salt from the day’s adventures, potcakes are just fine outside in the temperate weather.

Island dogs Spike and Milo visiting for a nap under my porch during an afternoon squall (rain).

Angel’s Better Life

So, what does Angel’s life look like these days?

Well, she does get to sleep indoors, though not in my bed (anymore). Her paws are scrubbed pink by running through the sand, whereas they had always been black from city asphalt and dirt before. She luuuuuuuvs to go outside – no more hesitating because it’s snowing or sleeting. No more crying because salt on the ice is stinging her paws. No more doggie daycare. No more days cooped up in a crate at home waiting for the dog-walker while I work for hours on end at the office. Plus, she finds so many interesting lizards to chase and new noises to bark at!

Here is my island dog at rest and play . . .

Ahhh, cool tile. One of many napping options.

Close-up of the island princess.

“Why are you taking my picture?”

“Again with the camera?”

So sleepy.

On a walk with her pal, Ebony. (Ebony is only leashed because I was nervous being responsible for her that day!)

Gazing out at the sea.

Surveying the backyard.

Can City dog paws handle the rough coral rock? No problem! She’s an island dog now.

Even Angel seems to pause to appreciate the spectacular water.

Something to sniff before the swim.

Wading on in.

And back out again.

She likes to splash around, but only so deep.

This is just about right.

So very regal. Well, she was until I chopped off her long hair to fight off the local tick infestation. Sigh.

Oh the restraint she shows here not to dig up the food scraps we just buried for compost! Despite the good behavior captured in this photo, I found Angel digging it all up the next day.

Napping in the utility room while I wash dishes at the sink.

Wanting to go outside and play after breakfast. See the orange kibble ball beside her? She rolls it around each morning and it drops out pieces of her food. Genius!

“Hey! There’s a lizard down there!”

“I can almost reach him!”

“What? I’m just looking.”

Barking at a passing boat. Angel is EXTREMELY territorial about her island home. That part we’re working on…


“Another lizard!”

“Maybe I’ll get him this time. A little closer . . . ” (Nope, she never does.)

Her response – or lack thereof – when I call her to come inside.

Angel loves to ride along!

Soaking in the sun again. This is where Angel loves to lounge while I fix lunch or during the early afternoon.

Not a bad life, eh?!

Angel makes frequent appearances throughout most of my blog postings.  However, for posts where she is the star, click on the “Angel” category in the dropdown list in the right margin for a list of those posts.  Enjoy!


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