Home Sweet Island Home

I’m home!

This summer has been a particularly hectic one.  With what?  The usual “island busy” with homemaking, freelance writing, organizing summer kids’ program, social events, etc.  Plus, more travel than usual – some for family/health, some for fun.  And all of it contributing to the 7 pounds I packed on from my inability to resist the “bad” stuff on Stateside menus!  Sigh.  Not to mention my extreme absence from this beloved blog.

But I’m home now.  And oh so happy.

Yesterday was my first full day back after two weeks gone.  Even during the busy Monday of beginning the catch-up process, it was soul-nourishing to be next to the sea, under the sun and in the midst of this special community.

Last night’s Sunset

As the sun set, Beau and I enjoyed a glass of wine in the breeze and then made dinner together.  I finished cooking the smothered fish and rice I’d started, while he steamed a freshly caught lobster head and “fins” that a buddy speared that afternoon.  (Oh, how I love lobster season!)

Yum!  Lobster legs in garlic lime butter was a great surprise appetizer.  After a tasty meal, I cleaned up dinner, and Beau broke down the lobster head meat.  I love using that for lobster alfredo, but I stored it in the freezer since my belly should avoid alfredo sauce until I get back into bikini shape!

Today, I awoke to another beautiful island day.

Sunrise from my front porch.

Sipping my coffee as I straightened up the house and began my morning routine, I paused to breathe deeply, admire the sunrise, smile and give thanks for my Better Life.

Gazing west from my back deck, the morning sun reflects in the clouds over the sea.

After a dog walk and beach run – for them, not me! – Angel enjoyed her kibble ball while Milo caught the breeze on the front porch with his breakfast.

Sedate Milo.

As the sun rose higher, I remembered my newest chore – watering plants.  This is more a delight than a chore because I am so happy to have these plants!  The marigold flowers are a gift from local children, and they were blooming for the first time upon my return.  Then, Beau came home with discarded and near-dead basil and tomato plants that have already perked up from water and TLC.  I’ve been saying for a while that I wanted to garden here, but it falls lower on my priority list, so what a great gift to kick-start me!


My starter kit!

After lunch with Beau, I turned to some computer work while Angel dozed on the cool tile behind me.


Such a difficult afternoon for Angel.

Our dogs definitely have a great life.  And, really, so do we.  Life is good.  Oodles of appreciation emanate from me today.

I’m so glad to be writing again with you, Better Lifers.  Have a fabulous week!


6 Responses to Home Sweet Island Home

  • Chrissy Hales says:

    Dawn, this is wonderful! I finally had a chance to read (some of) it and, I have to say – you’ve captured the essence of the island and all its “specialness” just the way I see it. It’s beautifully written and a joy to read. (You’re making me “homesick”).

    I’m admiring your tomato plants! Gardening is good for the soul and fresh, homegrown tomatoes are the best!
    Hope all is well with you guys and I will definitely finish reading and check on you often to see what’s going on!

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks, Chrissy! It’s great to “see” you here. You have a wonderful green thumb, so fingers crossed that I can keep up! Or get lessons. 🙂 Thanks for following and commenting – much appreciated.

  • Christine says:

    Hi! So glad to see your post! And a big “welcome back” to your island life! How wonderful to come home to beautiful sunsets and fiery sunrises, lovely plants (that you’re nurturing beautifully!) and the chance to catch your breath and enjoy an island dinner with Beau. And I love that you’re taking in the beauty of special everyday moments. That’s what it’s all about, right? 🙂
    ~ Christine

  • Merlene says:

    I miss those sunsets and the peace that the sea provides. Hopefully, we will get back there one of these days. Hi to Beau and the pups too. By the way, somebody has a birthday on the 28th, Happy Birthday Dawn, have a beautiful day. (:
    Love you, Auntie and Uncle

    • Dawn says:

      Thank you, Auntie and Unc! I am having a wonderful birthday week already. My brother is here, and Beau took us all over this weekend. Lots of fun, lots of pics. I’m sure some of it will end up on the blog. 🙂 Thanks for your comment and well wishes. Love to you all.

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