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Profile: Dawn is a writer-lawyer-educator-traveler. As the creator and author of this blog, Dawn describes her experiences as a big-city American lawyer who left it all behind for a simpler, happier life on a small island in the Bahamas, where she now works as a freelance writer and enjoys the antics of her beloved dog, beau, neighbors, friends and family.

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  • Priorities & Slow Season Sunsets

    12 Sep 2013

    Where Have I Been? In the last four months, I have published a paltry four blog posts.  Sigh. Since the flurry of Regatta season, I have been dashing from one thing to the next, with a great deal of travel as well.  I touched on some of this in an earlier blog post, and I [ more… ]

  • Foodie Friday: Smothered Fish

    06 Sep 2013

    Welcome back to Foodie Friday!  Let’s get cooking . . . Bahamian style! Today, we feature “smothered fish.”  As with most of my cooking, this is more of an approach than a strict recipe.  Our favorite version is with fish, but you could certainly use this with chicken or even over pasta.  Also, it lends [ more… ]

  • Home Sweet Island Home

    13 Aug 2013

    I’m home! This summer has been a particularly hectic one.  With what?  The usual “island busy” with homemaking, freelance writing, organizing summer kids’ program, social events, etc.  Plus, more travel than usual – some for family/health, some for fun.  And all of it contributing to the 7 pounds I packed on from my inability to [ more… ]

  • At Long Last

    25 Jun 2013

    Greetings, Better Lifers! At long last, I post. My sincere apologies for my extended absence. Today, I write. I write because I’ve missed you all. I write to overcome the increasingly difficult hurdle of writing after an absence and not knowing where to begin. I write to reconnect with this blog that I enjoy so [ more… ]

  • Regatta Recap

    15 May 2013

    Well, dear readers, my apologies for such a delay in posting.  I returned from Regatta and promptly took ill – too much hugging and lots of people around in that busy week, I suppose!  It’s still got its clutches in me a bit, but I’m feeling mostly fine and going about business as usual. I’ve [ more… ]

  • Foodie Friday: Tuna and Grits

    26 Apr 2013

    Bahamian breakfasts love to feature fish. Boil fish, for example, is probably the most popular.  Another alternative, however, especially if fresh fish is unavailable, is tuna-and-grits. While it may not sound like the loftiest of culinary fare, it is a frequent choice and even featured on restaurant menus. It’s also become a favorite of mine. [ more… ]

  • Regatta Prep: Setting the Mast

    23 Apr 2013

    Greetings, Better Lifers! Regatta week is upon us now! In our last post, we saw the Captain and crew readying the sailboat and launching her into the sea.  A few weeks after that occurred, it was time to set her skyscraping mast. Helpful Mail Boat As you may recall, the mail boat passes through our [ more… ]

  • Regatta Prep: Launching the Sailboat!

    20 Apr 2013

    I’m so excited for Regatta! (Roundup of background info here for those of you who may have missed it.) Our local community sends two A-class sailboats to the race every year, both of them national champions several times over.  The boats are already moored securely in George Town, where the Regatta will take place.  Meanwhile, [ more… ]

  • Regatta Teaser

    16 Apr 2013

    ‘Tis the season! Regatta season! National championship sailing race coming up next week! To tide you over – or to introduce this to newer readers – here are prior Regatta posts to whet your appetite. Regatta Fever is raging here! This post (“Regatta Primer”) introduces you to Bahamian sloop racing and my enthusiasm. This post [ more… ]

  • Foodie Friday: Lobster Alfredo

    22 Mar 2013

    Old Habits Mmmmmm, alfredo. Creamy, cheesy, gooey, deliciousness. In my former life, I rarely cooked. I was either working long hours and completely unmotivated to spend time cooking for myself. (Quickie guacamole and a bag of tortilla chips in front of the tv doesn’t count, does it?) Or, I was joining friends at innumerable restaurants. [ more… ]

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