Foodie Friday: Bahamian Super-Snack, Vienna Sausage!

When I first thought to do a “Foodie Friday” series – albeit not every Friday, clearly – one particular dish came to mind.  However, this is not so much a meal as it is a snack.

Vienna Sausages.

Yep, vienna sausages!  Around here, it’s usually Libby’s brand, although Hormel is also sold in the stores I visit in the USA.  Now, in my world view, vienna sausages are hardly considered a delicacy, much less something one would boast about eating.  Until I moved to the island, I don’t think I’d probably eaten one of these since childhood.  In fact, my strongest memories of vienna sausages are images of my Aunt feeding them to their Chihuahua as a favorite dog meal!

Nonetheless, I have been re-acquainted with my own fondness for the little guys.

Island Style

My first re-introduction to vienna sausages was as a bar snack!  Some bars offer peanuts to patrons.  Others sell chips.  Still others stick just to the business of drinking.  However, one evening over drinks, the bartender broke out a can of vienna sausages, smothered them with hot sauce, squeezed fresh lime juice atop, and presented them to his customers with toothpicks as the utensil of choice.

Brilliant!  Delicious!

Since then, I have occasionally purchased them as a bar snack or enjoyed them with others.  The little cans are for sale in that bar and also are plentiful on the shelves of local food stores.  I’ve also taken to stocking them at home to accompany the ever-present macaroni-and-cheese (my shamefully embarrassing go-to comfort food for illness, hangover, or just cuz), or to serve solo as an impromptu snack of our own.

So, Let’s Eat.

First, assemble your ingredients.

Key (Only!) Ingredients: Vienna Sausages, hot sauce, lime.

The unmarked bottle in the picture is hot sauce made by a friend from local peppers.  If I’m out of homemade local sauce, I use good ol’ Tabasco.

Don’t forget another key ingredient:

Since this snack is often accompanied by a drink . . . I chose wine to up the sophistication level of the snack – hah!

Open the can and drain the liquid, trying hard not to think about whatever it might be.  Assemble the little critters on a plate (to microwave), or warm on the stove. These can be eaten cold, but are tastier when warm.  Again, try hard not to wonder what in the heck they’re made out of – we don’t want to know.

Assembled for heating.

Although I’m not convinced that these contain real meat, the dog seems not to care.  Angel, never far from the kitchen, watches attentively.  (These photos were taken before Milo joined the household; I’m not playing favorites!)

May I have some please?

After you heat the Vienna Sausages, liberally sprinkle your preferred hot sauce and fresh squeezed lime juice on top of them.

Very complicated preparation. Very high-brow presentation.

Ready to eat!

(By the way, I’ve assumed that you, dear Readers, have stumbled across Vienna Sausages before.  Just in case any of you have not, this picture gives you perspective as to their small snack size.)

About the size of my thumb. Small. Size-appropriate for Chihuahuas.

And, in honor of Chi Chi, the Chihuahua cousin of my childhood, I shared with Angel, sans hot sauce.  BUT, she had to sit with the piece of sausage in front of her until I gave her the okay to eat it.  (One of the very few “training” skills I managed to accomplish during her puppy days.)

Not staring at the Vienna Sausage on the floor. Staring at me for permission to eat it!

So, there you have it!  A tasty (pseudo-Bahamian?) snack!

Recipe Recap

This seems superfluous, but here you go:


  • Can of Vienna Sausages, your brand of choice
  • Hot Sauce (optional, but recommended)
  • Fresh Lime Juice (optional, but recommended)


  1. Open can and drain sausages.
  2. Place on plate to microwave, or heat on stove.
  3. Splash on hot sauce and fresh lime juice.
  4. Serve!  Fingers, if in the privacy of your own home; toothpicks, if with guests. (Although I’m not recommending that you actually serve this to others.)

What do you think?  When is the last time you ate Vienna Sausages?  Bahamian readers, would you say this is a common Bahamian snack, or merely local preference among my friends?


4 Responses to Foodie Friday: Bahamian Super-Snack, Vienna Sausage!

  • Mia says:

    I read your blog whenever you post, I enjoy every word of it. This one made me laugh out loud.

    A little about me. Years ago, after a visit to St. Thomas, I actually sent resumes to law firms in St. Thomas, thinking it was just a dream and no one would respond. I actually got several job offers, site unseen. When faced with the very real possibility of living there, I had to consider the fact that I was a single mother to a 3 year old and didn’t really want to take her away from all her family. So, here I am, many years later, still stuck in a law firm in downtown Houston, living vicariously through your blog.

    While I enjoyed this blog, I think I’ll have to pass on the Vienna Sausage treat, haven’t eaten one of those since my own childhood! Keep up the blogging!

    • Dawn says:

      Mia, I’m delighted to hear from you! Thank you so much for commenting. I enjoyed learning more about you, although I hate that you are “still stuck.” 🙂 And, of course, I always enjoy hearing from other lawyers. (“Once a lawyer…”) Sounds like you made some good-momma choices back in the day, but perhaps you’ll be able to make a new opportunity when your daughter flies the nest. Regardless of geographic location, I hope you are living your Better Life in small ways every day! Also, I very much appreciate your choice to skip trying the Vienna Sausages again. 🙂 So please enjoy a great downtown Houston restaurant meal for me!!

  • Sarah says:

    Great post, Dawn! Hubby and I take Vienna sausages out with us when we go fishing, diving, or beach combing . We like ours with a mustard and sharp cheddar on crackers. I’m going to have to try this hot sauce and sour prep now.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks, Sarah! You know, I actually thought of you after I posted the blog because I remembered (belatedly) seeing a Vienna Sausage can by your boat gear one day, and I wished that I had commented on how others use them straight out of the can for on-the-go snacks. So, thank you very much for sharing with us all! I’m going to try them your way, too! Yum. 🙂

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