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Do you need a writer to create engaging print or online content? Dawn offers professional freelance writing services of the highest quality.

While this blog is personal and conversational in tone, Dawn is also well-versed in legal, business, educational, academic and other writing styles and formats.  In addition to excellent writing skills, Dawn stands out for her ability to:

  • Communicate well before, during and after the project to ensure that each client receives precisely what he or she had in mind
  • Write in a natural voice for professional, academic, legal or conversational tones and convey the information in a clear and understandable manner, no matter the writing style
  • Never miss a deadline and present information in a highly organized fashion, with great attention to detail

Dawn is an intelligent and highly skilled writer who can write well on just about any topic. However, she does not believe in a “one size fits all” approach to writing. Dawn selects projects in which she has personal experience and personal interest. This means that if you and Dawn decide to work together, you will benefit from a writer who, in addition to her professional dedication and perfectionism, is personally invested in your project as if it were her own.

Dawn’s experience and services include:

  • LAW – All types of research and writing needs for law firms and law firm websites.  An attorney since 1997, Dawn was a partner in a well-respected Chicago law firm with 50+ attorneys.  She has a thorough understanding of the legal world, writes skillfully on legal topics, and is experienced in writing legal copy and PR for law firm websites, newsletters, blogs, business development pieces, internal Firm documents and other publications.
  • EDUCATION – All research and writing related to schools and education. Dawn holds a Master’s Degree in Educational Organization and Leadership and has worked in a variety of educational settings and roles, including as a college instructor, consultant to K-12 school districts, and school law attorney.  In the education arena, Dawn has written syllabi, articles, PowerPoint presentations, newsletter alerts, extensive academic and legal reports, communications to parents, press releases, web content and board of education policies and administrative procedures in all areas of the day-to-day operation of schools.
  • BUSINESS – Effective corporate profiles, professional business letters and documents, corporate blogs, website content. Dawn’s experience in corporate America, her professional style and dependable attention to detail position her as a skilled business writer. As a partner in a law firm, Dawn advised clients on business and operational matters, and she drafted, negotiated and reviewed hundreds of contracts.  Dawn also authored articles, PowerPoint presentations, electronic newsletter updates, website content, extensive written reports, opinion letters, briefs and memoranda, letters to public officials and agencies, internal business documents and drafted business letters on behalf of clients.
  • NONPROFITS – Documents and Guidance for Nonprofit Organizations (incorporation, filings, mission statements, bylaws, governance and operating issues). During Dawn’s 10 years of practice in a law firm, she routinely advised nonprofit clients on these matters and drafted the necessary documents.
  • TRAVEL – Travel articles and blogs, with a Caribbean specialty. Dawn loves seeing the world, travels frequently and lives now on a small island in the Bahamas (with a U.S. base in Florida). The island is a hub for the surrounding area, and Dawn enjoys interaction with an international community of tourists, yachts, boaters, sailors and pilots. Dawn delights in feedback from Better Life blog readers who relish her writing skills, conversational style and ability to transport them to the places she describes.
  • PERSONAL STATEMENTS – Powerful and unique Personal Statements and Diversity Statements for admission to college, university, graduate and law schools. Having successfully applied to multiple law schools and graduate schools, Dawn is well-versed in the process and understands the urgent need to submit strong and unique statements. She enjoys helping others succeed on their educational paths and is perfectly situated to assist you.
  • CAREER/LIFE CHANGE & MOTIVATIONAL – Motivational, Empowerment, Inspirational or Spiritual writings for articles, newsletters, blogs and more. Dawn has changed course in her career and is well-placed to offer guidance on planning for and implementing significant career/life changes.  Dawn’s research exposed her to a wide range of viewpoints on career/life change, from the practical to the inspirational.  This Better Life blog addresses some of that journey, and Dawn’s blog readers enthusiastically praise her for her writing style and warm personality and report that they find her posts helpful and inspiring.
  • OTHER – Summaries/Abstracts, Book Reviews, Greeting Cards, Song Lyrics, Poetry, Prose and more. This Services description is not comprehensive, so please contact Dawn to discuss your specific project needs.

To inquire about her portfolio, services, rates or availability, please contact Dawn directly by email (choosingthebetterlife@gmail.com).  Please provide a brief description of the proposed project, including type, approximate length, time-frame and any other parameters. Thank you for your interest!

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