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I created this page to provide a simple orientation of how to navigate the site and give quick links to some of the more popular posts.

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  • Learn a little about the blog’s creator and author – that’d be me, Dawn – by visiting the “About” page.
  • Take a visual tour of the beautiful island I call home by visiting the “Photo Tour” page.
  • Especially if you are a dog-lover, please don’t miss my beloved canine’s featured “Island Dog” page.
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  • Peruse readers’ favorites in the Best of the Better Life posts below.


Generally speaking, the blog posts fall into the following popular categories:

Other categories include Angel, Profiles, Video Clips, Anniversaries and Miscellaneous.  All categories are listed in a dropdown box on the right margin. Click on your category of interest and browse the blog topics which fall under that category.

Best of The Better Life:

Leap from Lawyer to Islander

My Very First Post 

Island Back-Story: How I Discovered This Tiny Paradise

How Did You End Up on An Island ? Part 1

How Did you End Up on An Island? Part 2 

Island Living

Little Island Bursting with Life

Island Kids

Hunting Crabs 

For the Love of the Sea

Hunting Large Sea Snails

Bringing Home the Bacon (Spear-Fishing)

Swimming Pigs

Snorkeling in the Aquarium

Stepping on a Sea Urchin

Sharks & Eels & Barracudas, Oh My!

Sailing, Regattas

Regatta Primer 

Inspirational, or Better Life Philosophy

What’s So Special About French Toast?

Dawn of a New Day

Inner Nudgings

Not Just a Pollyanna!

Life is Precious


Visit to Long Island, Bahamas

The Wild, Wild West (Jackson Hole & Yellowstone)


My Love of Music

Delicious Fish Dinner

Thanks so much for joining me on this journey!  I hope you enjoy reading the posts, and I look forward to hearing from you.  Please join our Facebook and Twitter communities also!

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