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Delicious Fish Dinner

Good morning! I was thinking of you all as I cooked dinner last evening, so I decided to snap some pics and share my delicious fish dinner with you. Now, I’m no chef, and this is not a food blog. BUT this fish makes me happy, so here you go. 🙂

The real dinner process starts in the sea, when my beau and his buddies spear-fish hogfish or grouper, or when we catch mahi mahi with a rod-n-reel. After they clean everything, I help package the fish fillets in gallon-sized Ziplock bags and seal them tight. The best seal… Continue reading

Stateside Visits

Ahhh, home sweet home! I am happily back on the island after being away much too long. Although I was keeping up with this blog from afar, I’ve actually been traveling through Florida the last couple of weeks. You might think I’d enjoy a return to “civilization,” with its restaurants and salons and Target stores. But, really, it’s always just so darn HECTIC! I love, love, love the chance to spend time with family and friends. And I do take the opportunity to stock up on things I can’t get on the island. But, oh, the traffic, and the running… Continue reading

TGIF and Thank you!

Good morning and welcome to your Friday!  Although I no longer groan “TGIF” with a heavy sigh of relief, Fridays still mean the end of the work week to me, so I still enjoy the particular lightness of weekends.  Weekends are when I might actually sit down with a book in the middle of the day.  Weekends are certainly prime time for fishing/snorkeling/diving excursions, visits to other islands to see friends and more social time with the islanders who have been working all week.

I usually keep distance from my computer on the weekends, too.  I’m… Continue reading

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