Do You Miss It? (Island Living)

Sometimes, people will ask me, “Do you miss it?” The specifics they’re ascribing to that question depend on the context of whatever we’ve just been discussing. However, it usually falls into one of two scenarios: (1) Island Living – the micro view of the challenges inherent in living on a tiny island, or (2) Big Life Change – the macro view of how dramatically I’ve changed my life. Let’s tackle the first one here today.

Island Living

I’ve described before just how very small this island actually is. When talking about life here, which necessarily involves limited shopping and entertainment… Continue reading

Do You Think About Garbage?

In the course of your day-to-day routines, do you think much about garbage? My guess is no. At least not much beyond taking it out to the dumpster (City dwellers) or curb (suburbanites). Perhaps a little extra thought is given to recycling.

Well, on the island, I think about garbage a lot. For example:

There is one dump on the island. Think about how small this island is (less than 5 square miles) and you’ll understand how important it is to contain the dump. We try to minimize garbage and smells as much as possible. If I cook lobster and… Continue reading

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