Crabs. Long Island

Visit to Long Island, Bahamas

A few months ago, my beau and I took a trip with friends to Long Island, Bahamas.

Although my beau had been numerous times, and our friends were from there, this visit was a first for me.  Long Island is aptly named – the island is approximately 80 miles in length and only 4 miles at its widest point.  Long Island is south of the islands of the Exumas, where I live (and it’s split by the Tropic of Cancer!), but it is only a short ride in a small plane.

Our friend – with her cat and… Continue reading

Hunting Crabs

A few months ago, my beau and I spent some time on Long Island, Bahamas. One of the highlights of the trip turned out to be my first experience hunting land crabs! Or hunting any crabs, for that matter.

This was an unexpected treat. It just so happened that, while we there, conditions were right and THOUSANDS of land crabs emerged. It had been raining a lot, but that afternoon, the sun came out and so did the crabs. And I mean, literally, THOUSANDS. We were driving down the road and just began to see crabs coming out… Continue reading

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