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Weekend Unplugged

Dear Readers, I hope you’ve been having a wonderful, Better-Life kind of week! I definitely have. I’ve been relishing being back home: nesting, organizing closets, cooking, laundry, catching up on my “lists,” seeing friends, eating fish and lobster (lobster season is now closed but people keep some frozen to have on hand), boat rides, fishing (nothing caught, but still fun), snuggle time with Angel, planning some summer activities with the local kids, working on freelance writing project proposals, enjoying the night’s bright sky as the moon nears full, going for walks and so much more good island living!

The morning… Continue reading

Do You Think About Garbage?

In the course of your day-to-day routines, do you think much about garbage? My guess is no. At least not much beyond taking it out to the dumpster (City dwellers) or curb (suburbanites). Perhaps a little extra thought is given to recycling.

Well, on the island, I think about garbage a lot. For example:

There is one dump on the island. Think about how small this island is (less than 5 square miles) and you’ll understand how important it is to contain the dump. We try to minimize garbage and smells as much as possible. If I cook lobster and… Continue reading

Anniversary Again?! Blogging Discoveries

Precisely one month ago, I launched this blog – Happy Anniversary! Okay, okay, I know it’s only been a month, and I promise I won’t coerce you into celebrating such minutia all the time. But, kind of like in the early stages of a new relationship when the couple celebrates mini-anniversaries, I’m just so darn excited and want to mark the occasion.

So, what have I discovered in this month of blogging?

Daily reminders of how much I enjoy writing! The joy of “meeting” new and interesting people in the form of blog readers and other bloggers. I actually dig… Continue reading

Angel with Coconut (Video)

Dear Readers, I thought you might enjoy a little snippet of my Island Dog in action. Angel looooooooves to chase and chew coconuts. These particular clips were not actually filmed in the islands; you’ll see Angel and me in a Florida backyard when we visited family recently. The first video clip (17 seconds) is a little better quality, but the second one (27 seconds) amuses me because you can really hear how Angel squeaks and squeals in her excitement while chewing. My vocal little dog. Enjoy!

Little Angel Toe

Today, Angel’s toes are finally starting to look less monstrous.  The hair has even started to grow back a bit.  She still has to wear a cone to keep her from picking at it.  As you can see, Angel looks quite pathetic – though, frankly, I think she’s simply adept at working that angle. She’s actually very perky and running about in between the usual naps.  Have a fantastic weekend!

Island Dog

Good morning and welcome to the start of a new week!  As for me today, sigh.  Angel is beset with some mysterious malady on her back toes.  Although seemingly not in pain, she is clearly in discomfort – practically licking her foot off and pulling out the hair with her teeth.  My home remedy attempts aren’t helping, so it’s time to consult the professionals.  But, of course, no veterinarians practice on the island, and I don’t want to travel to Nassau just to see a vet there.  For urgent cases, people can make a… Continue reading

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