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Profile: Dawn is a writer-lawyer-educator-traveler. As the creator and author of this blog, Dawn describes her experiences as a big-city American lawyer who left it all behind for a simpler, happier life on a small island in the Bahamas, where she now works as a freelance writer and enjoys the antics of her beloved dog, beau, neighbors, friends and family.

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  • For All The Tweeters Out There

    05 Mar 2012

    You can now follow Choosing the Better Life on Twitter @IslandBlog.  New buttons for Twitter and Facebook are on the right margin of these blog pages for your convenience.  Thanks for joining me!

  • For All The Facebookers Out There

    03 Mar 2012

    UPDATED:  For technical reasons, I had to change my Facebook Page.  Please “Like” Choosing The Better Life at its NEW Island Blog Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/IslandBlog So sorry for any inconvenience and THANKS!

  • Little Angel Toe

    03 Mar 2012

    Today, Angel’s toes are finally starting to look less monstrous.  The hair has even started to grow back a bit.  She still has to wear a cone to keep her from picking at it.  As you can see, Angel looks quite pathetic – though, frankly, I think she’s simply adept at working that angle. She’s [ more… ]

  • Bringing Home the Bacon (Spear-Fishing)

    02 Mar 2012

    One of my favorite things to do – and it’s great for my food supply as well – is to go out diving with the guys. (For the record, my use of “the guys” is not a gender-biased oversight! Here, it refers to a group of male buddies. Also, while there are notable exceptions, women [ more… ]

  • Little Island Bursting With Life

    01 Mar 2012

    In order to make sense of some of the things I’m bound to say as we blog along together, perhaps I should first describe this little island in more detail. I live on a small island in the midst of a chain of 356 small islands in the Bahamas. This island is teensy-tiny for as [ more… ]

  • Island Dog

    27 Feb 2012

    Good morning and welcome to the start of a new week!  As for me today, sigh.  Angel is beset with some mysterious malady on her back toes.  Although seemingly not in pain, she is clearly in discomfort – practically licking her foot off and pulling out the hair with her teeth.  My home remedy attempts [ more… ]

  • TGIF and Thank you!

    24 Feb 2012

    Good morning and welcome to your Friday!  Although I no longer groan “TGIF” with a heavy sigh of relief, Fridays still mean the end of the work week to me, so I still enjoy the particular lightness of weekends.  Weekends are when I might actually sit down with a book in the middle of the [ more… ]

  • Welcome to You, Happy Anniversary to Me!

    23 Feb 2012

    Welcome! Today is the launch of my new blog, Choosing The Better Life. I am so pleased that you are here with me. Together, let’s explore day-to-day island living through my eyes as a “recovering lawyer,” along with the musings that these life changes have brought about for me – all peppered with the striking characters, [ more… ]

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