Ready for Regatta 2014!

‘Tis the season!  Race season, that is.  Sailboat racing, to be exact.  Bahamian sloop sailboats, to be really precise.

And we are ready!

Despite how busy it’s been, nothing takes priority over Regatta!  Numerous sailing regattas take place throughout the Bahamas and around the world.  However, in our area, “Regatta” in the shorthand means only one thing:  the national championship race, the National Family Island Regatta, held every April in George Town, Exuma, Bahamas.

For newcomers to this blog, or as a refresher, click here for a Regatta Primer and pictures.  (For ALL posts related to sailing and regattas, click here.)

Readying the Boat

First things first.  Weeks ago, the guys pulled the sailboat into the boat yard for minor repairs and a fresh coat of paint.  A national champion must look pretty, you know!

Then, it was time to launch her into the water.  One evening after work a few weeks ago, people gathered in the boatyard to help with this event.  It was late in the day, around 6pm, in order to do this at very low tide.

Preparing for launch.

After getting everything ready, it was all hands on deck – or at least reaching towards the deck to support the boat.

1, 2, 3, PUSH!

These pushing efforts happened in stages, with adjustments in between.  Here, sailors prep the boat and sliding boards on the sand for the final push, as the sun sets gloriously in the blue sky behind the boat.  And look how big the boat is compared to the men!

Sailboat in setting sun.

For even more launch details, pictures and a video clip replete with Bahamian chatter, see my post of last year’s launch.

Next Steps

After getting the sailboat into the water, sailors later added lead ballast and set the 60 foot mast in place, no small feat!

Now, she’s sitting pretty at the dock, waiting for a good weather window to be towed to George Town, and resting up for a fantastic race!

Serene setting, at the dock.

Rigged up and ready.

Even the seagulls perch on a piling to admire her.

Regatta Fever

So, we’re ready!  Regatta takes place in less than two weeks, and everyone here has Regatta fever.

I suspect this may be my last post for several weeks.  I am in the final throes of home renovation, plus Regatta prep.  And, once back home, I will be in the throes of settling into the new house and wading through Regatta pictures to share with you.

However, to sate your appetite for sailing pictures until I return to the blog, check out last year’s Regatta Recap post.  While the race itself was bittersweet, the pictures are glorious.

This year, we seek glorious pictures AND expect glorious results!!  🙂  Cheers for our local sailboats and racers.

What do you think, Better Lifers?  Do any of you readers also happen to be sailors?  Do tell . . .

Please leave a comment here. I'd love to hear from you!

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