Happy (Brrrr) New Year!

Happy New Year, Better Lifers!

I hope each and every one of you had a lovely holiday season and are kicking off your 2014 well.  Or, as well as can be expected, since many of you are in the midst of, or just emerging from, a major deep freeze.

What an arctic storm!

I confess that I frequently forget how cold it is in other parts of the world.  I further confess that when I am reminded of it, I do not miss living in it!

As I’ve watched news coverage of this winter weather event, I’ve empathized with my northern neighbors.  All too well I remember those bitterly cold and snowy days – with all of the accompanying hassles and dangers.  And I’ll take the risk of hurricane any day over all that!

Southern Cold

As you’ve seen on the various weather maps, this arctic blast has pushed its way into the deep south, even penetrating sunny Florida.  Believe it or not, we feel the effects in the islands, too.  Granted, it’s a far cry from what the rest of you are experiencing, but it’s a cold front nonetheless.

Here’s a taste:

Tuesday, I awakened to a calm-before-the-storm morning.  The air was slightly cooler than our typical 80’s, and the sea was flat calm.  I knew the weather forecast was for high winds later that day (up to 24 knots, with gusts to 30 knots), so the calm water was particularly notable.

Cold Jan 2014 002

Flat Calm Seas at 7am.

As the sun crept awake in the east, we experienced the first rain squall of the day.  It was just a light “spry” and resulted in a pretty morning rainbow.

Cold Jan 2014 003

Rainbow to the west.

After a brief lull, Mother Nature began to marshal her forces, and the sky pressing toward us from the north darkened to black.

Cold Jan 2014 004

Darkening Sky from the north – here it comes.

By this point, the wind had picked up considerably, chopping up the water.

Cold Jan 2014 008

Windy seas.

My inside temp was a cool 75 degrees.  Yup, that’s verging on chilly!  I’m not looking for sympathy, mind you, just stating the facts. 🙂

Cold Jan 2014 009

A cool 75 degrees.

As the day wore on, the wind continued to pick up and the temperature dropped.  I put on warmer clothes, and Angel snuggled into a cozy nest.

Cold Jan 2014 007

Angel sleepily gazes up from her warm snuggle spot.

Bear in mind, this is a far cry from Angel’s days of doggie coat and booties to protect her from Chicago’s bitter cold, wind, ice and rock salt.  However, like her mama, we’ve acclimated well to our island setting and do not like the cold!

Never fear, the storm will pass within a few days, and we will return – unscathed – to balmy weather.

Dec Jan 2014 070

Gorgeous weather for a local holiday sailing regatta just 10 days ago.

Meanwhile, since it’s short-lived and fairly harmless for us, I’m enjoying the change of pace with our winter weather!

I know conditions are much harsher for many of you, so I wish you warmth and safety.

Happy New Year!

So, Better Lifers, how is your winter weather?  How are you coping?  What’s new in your new year?

4 Responses to Happy (Brrrr) New Year!

  • Chrissy says:

    Cold. I’m coming soon…(the 20th) Can’t wait to see you guys!

  • Merlene says:

    Morning Dawn (: Loved reading about your “winter weather”. Even here in TX we were freezing. Single digits but Uncle walked anyway. Broke all records here. I do believe ones blood thins when you live in a warmer climate.
    Wishing you and Beau a blessed 2014!
    Loved the pictures, brings back good memories

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks for your comment, Auntie. Congrats to Unc for keeping up the exercise, despite the weather. I haven’t been able to keep it up in my fabulous weather. 😉 Good to hear from you and Happy New Year!

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