Brotherly Love & Island Fun

Last month, my brother, Darin, came for a visit and stayed with us for two weeks.  What a lovely time!

Darin had not been to the island for several years – far too long.  Like many of us, he let Life get in the way, and – before he knew it – years had slipped by.  But, oh how sweet to be reminded how much he loves his island home!  Because he, too, grew up knowing and loving this special place.

Of course, the first thing that struck him as he flew above the Exuma Cays is the spectacular water.  Whether a first-time visitor, a returning one like Darin, or those of us who live here every day, the water never ceases to amaze and awe.

Aerial, Exuma Cays

I eagerly anticipated his arrival.  Sitting in my golf cart at the edge of the airport (it’s all open air), I jumped up and waved wildly when his plane landed.  I figured, this late in our lives, my brother is used to my exuberance and wouldn’t be too embarrassed!

With my very big “little brother.”

That first day, we just spent relaxing at the house, getting caught up and enjoying the view from the back deck.

Breathing in the view from the back deck.

And, of course, the first of many spectacular sunsets.

Colorful clouds at the end of our day.

Over the next two weeks, we enjoyed lots of weekday time together while Beau was working.  Then, on the weekends, off on the water we would go!  Having a visitor is a great excuse to go do many of the fun island activities all in one fell swoop.  Come along for the ride!


Our first weekend excursion was a day of free-diving and spear-fishing with Beau and two other island friends.  Darin even shot his first lobster!

Beau and Darin having a brief strategy session on Darin’s first dive.


His first lobster!


Part of the day’s haul on the fish-cleaning bench.

What a feast we had that night!  Freshly caught lobster, fish AND conch!  We were stuffed and extremely happy.  Everyone slept well after a day on and under the water.

Local Tour:  Pretty Vistas, Swimming Pigs, Snorkeling & Iguanas!

The next day, we packed a picnic lunch, loaded into the boat and proceeded to island hop…

First stop, the famous swimming pigs.

The dance of seagulls and swimming pigs.

Then we cruised around to some of our favorite spots – the colorful array of blue hues in the water is breathtaking.

A favorite spot of beauty.

In addition to our time above water, we went underwater as well!  A favorite snorkeling spot, “The Aquarium” is host to plentiful fish.

Darin swimming with the fishies.


Yours truly.


Diving deeper to explore.


Darin following Beau to nose around holes on the sea floor.

For our picnic lunch, we ventured to yet another favorite spot to enjoy the beautiful view, cool sea breeze through the palm trees and peaceful sense of total isolation.

View from our picnic shade.


Darin’s favorite, Bahamas Goombay Punch – love the smiley face logo!


Beach stroll.

Then we headed in the opposite direction . . .

Past a favorite island cliff . . .

And over to the iguanas!

Large, local iguanas.  Scientists occasionally visit – thus, the white marking on the top one.


A brief skirmish between the two oldest and largest iguanas.


The iguanas are surprisingly colorful.

The Next Week

As Beau returned to work on Monday, Darin and I resumed our relaxed, weekday routines.  Among other things, this included taking the dogs for a walk.  Although Darin is long-tolerant of my high maintenance little Angel, he met Beau’s island dog, Milo, for the first time.  Milo, far more laid-back and a definite sweetie, quickly became my brother’s favorite.  I didn’t hold it against either of them. 🙂

Milo, the big boy.

Despite working, Beau had been cooking a lot for us, making my favorites and showing off his seafood specialties to Darin.  YUM!  One night, we all took a break from home-cooking and went out to a schmancy multi-course dinner at a local restaurant.  The occasion?  My birthday!

Birthday Beau!


Birthday Brother!


Birthday Sunset!



The following weekend was a bit “squally” with intermittent rain.  Regardless, we were gonna get out there!  While the rain gently came down on the island, we dodged it in our boat and went fishing with Beau and his cousin.

Fishing on a rainy day.


Darin reeling one in.

Temporary Farewell

Then, Darin’s vacation neared the end.  We went out his final evening for a round of conch fritter appetizers and toasted a wonderful time together.

Happy with my boys!

It was a delightful visit with my delightful brother!  I also enjoyed the many fun things we did with Beau and island friends.  Best of all, it reminded my brother of his love for this special place, and I know he will return soon.

And you?  Did you enjoy this fun vicariously?  Did it remind you or your own time with family, or tropical trips?

6 Responses to Brotherly Love & Island Fun

  • bahamasdread says:

    Looks like an awesome trip. Your underwater photos were great as well. Gotta love the bahamas, and those huge lobsters. Keep posting, cant wait to read your next article.

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks, Fabian! Underwater photos are far easier in the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. And, oh, the lobster, Thanks for your comment and enjoy another great Bahamian day!

  • Lorena says:

    Thanks Dawn for the beautiful post. We’re having a bit of a “squally” day in Alaska so the pictures were a welcome diversion! 🙂

    • Dawn says:

      Thanks, Lorena! Always good to hear from you, and I appreciate your comment. When you live in places of beauty like we do, a rainy day isn’t bad at all!

  • Christine says:

    Stunning, just stunning. So glad you had a wonderful visit with your brother! I’m sure he won’t wait too long to visit this time, now that he’s had a recent taste of your beautiful island!!

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