Weekend Getaway – Bahamas!

Welcome (almost) to your weekend, Better Lifers!

I will soon unplug and take off for a little island-hopping this weekend. Meanwhile, I leave you with a treat for your own weekend getaway, even if it’s just in your imagination for the time being . . .

From Paris to the Bahamas

My blogging pal, Jacki, a.k.a. Momma Expat, is an American living in Paris who blogs at HJ Underway.  On occasional Fridays, Jacki runs a Weekend Getaway series that highlights different locales through pictures and a brief narrative.

I’m delighted to report that she asked me to work up a post on the area where I live, these beloved Out Islands of the Bahamas, and she will post it to her site tomorrow. Such fun!

Please swing by the HJ Underway blog tomorrow to check it out! Leave your comments for Jacki and me, and I’ll follow-up with you soon.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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