The Business of Blogging

What a week! After kicking off this anniversary with a roundup of the first year, we engaged in hearty thanks, and described the birth and evolution of this blog. Today I’ll give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the business of blogging.

This is merely snippets of observation from my own perspective. Anyone who is seriously interested in the business of blogging need only enter a few key terms into Google and a wealth of experience and guidance will pop up. For me, however, it looks like this. . .


The biggest investment I make to this blog is in time. First, of course, there was a huge investment in researching and setting up the blog. Now, on a daily basis, it’s an investment in time in drafting blog posts, taking/managing photos, and participating in the social media community of the blog.

Except for my freelance work, I no longer track my days in six minute intervals. And that’s a relief. (I still remember being a young, hard-working attorney, new to tracking billable hours, and feeling horrified one Saturday as I took a phone call from my darling grandmother in the middle of working-from-home, only to hang up and calculate in my head how much billable time that phone call would have been. Not how I want to think about precious time with my grandmother!!)

So, anyway, I can’t tell you precisely how much time I spend on each blog post, but it’s a lot. Some blogs post short entries. However, as you’ve noticed, I’m gabbier. So I write longer posts, which take more time. And, while I’m far more relaxed these days, I’m still a perfectionist in many ways. I tend to draft a blog, then set it aside for awhile, then edit several more times later.

Also, the pictures, while central to my blog and a lot of fun for me, take a surprising amount of time to download, organize, crop, label, upload into the blog, tweak, etc.

So, yup, much time goes into the blog. But I enjoy every minute and find it worth the while.


Unlike some blogs that sell ads, services or items, this blog makes no money for me. So, I try to keep its costs down as well. Nonetheless, there are expenses:

  • Domain name and hosting services
  • Occasional contracted tech assistance (e.g., the conversion from blogger to wordpress that was well beyond my skillset)
  • Blog Research and Education (e.g., low-cost books and e-courses on blogging, possible blog conferences in the future, etc.)
  • Intangible cost of time spent on the blog that could have gone to paid freelance work


Central to the business of blogging is maintaining (and growing) a presence online and in social media. Actively posting to social media, connecting with commenters, tracking and analyzing statistics of blog traffic and search engine results, and growing blog subscribers and followers is a critical part of a successful blog. It’s also an area where I need to devote more time and attention and resources in our second year together.

How You Can Help

You can help me grow my blog in numerous ways. Consider any of these options your anniversary gift to me this week! 😉

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3 Responses to The Business of Blogging

  • bahamasdread says:

    Dawn this post definitely resonated with me. I’ve been blogging for about 3 years and I know about all of the up’s and downs you mentioned. Some days it take a real inner motivation to get that post written and posted and the hours poured on finding a great pic, the readers will never know.

    But a trick I definitely learned half-way through is to track the stats a lot less and keep blogging for the love and passion it gives to send out a good article.

    2nd piece of good advice, i learned from another blogger. That post you may have spent days writing and felt like it should have won a Pulitzer prize, may very well not get even one response. Don’t take it personally.

    Keep up the great work.

    p.s I follow some of the bloggers who go to that blogher conference and everyone raves about it. I secretly learn a lot from them, women have a way different style of writing than men, and their words are colorful!!

    • Dawn says:

      Fabian, thanks so much for your comment. What fantastic advice! I agree about stats. I write what I like to, because I love to. I’ve largely ignored stats this whole first year, but think it’s an area I need to familiarize myself with now, just to keep the learning curve going. Writing for SEO/stat purposes, however, will never be part of our Better Life. Also great advice not to take “quiet” posts personally – I need to get better at that. 🙂 I’m delighted that you have also heard good things about BlogHer’13. I’ll share anything I learn with you – in colorful words, of course. 🙂 BTW, I’m behind on blog-reading but I see that you’ve posted another tantalizing post for us foodies and I look forward to reading it soon! Thanks for being a loyal follower and a wonderful support!

      • bahamasdread says:

        Secretly I’m kind of hoping, you try your hand at cooking the steam snapper and peas n rice dish. I’m horrible at peas n rice and need a good recipe. 🙂

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