Santa Brings Our New & Improved Blog!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Better Lifers!

I’m delighted to present you (and myself!) with this holiday gift of a new and improved blog!

The Big Unveiling . . .

For those of you who participated in our Facebook discussion and cast a vote for the new blog header, I hope you’re pleased (and amused) by how I resolved which picture would win the close race.  While I did decide on a primary picture for the blog, which you’ll see as a static picture on the other pages, the Home Page is now a scrolling gallery of the top photo choices!  I look forward to updating this from time to time with other favorite Better Life pictures.

You may also notice the site includes a new page to orient newcomers to the blog and a new page with information about my freelance writing services.  The other changes or improvements are largely technical, behind-the-scenes, or trivial enough that I won’t bore you by itemizing them here.  Suffice to say – I’m excited!  And I hope you are, too.  As always, I welcome your feedback and comments!

What’s Next?

The holidays, that’s what!

I’m sorry to have been silent so long.  I struggled with the delays (“Remember your Better Life principles, breathe, breathe!”), and I realllllllly missed blogging with you all.  However, as much as I would love to dive right in with you again, we’ll have to be patient a little longer.  The holidays are upon us, so it’s now time to turn to family and enjoying the downtime together and celebrating the season.

But the site is up and running!  So please browse around and comment to your heart’s content.  Then, I look forward to kicking off the New Year with you and getting back to a regular posting schedule every week.  Meanwhile, enjoy time with your loved ones and have a very happy holiday season.

Peace and hugs to you and yours.


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