Anniversary Again?! Blogging Discoveries

Precisely one month ago, I launched this blog – Happy Anniversary! Okay, okay, I know it’s only been a month, and I promise I won’t coerce you into celebrating such minutia all the time. But, kind of like in the early stages of a new relationship when the couple celebrates mini-anniversaries, I’m just so darn excited and want to mark the occasion.

So, what have I discovered in this month of blogging?

  • Daily reminders of how much I enjoy writing!
  • The joy of “meeting” new and interesting people in the form of blog readers and other bloggers.
  • I actually dig Twitter.
  • Facebook Pages frustrate me because I can’t reach out to friends like you can on a personal page. Instead, I must wait for them to “Like” the Choosing The Better Life (Island Blog) Facebook page.
  • The pleasure of seeing this island and my Better Life through the eyes of new readers.
  • I need to carry my camera with me more.
  • Blogging about my Better Life reinforces a healthy perspective for me and immense gratitude on a daily basis.
  • Angel was born to be a star. Okay, I already knew that.
  • Blogging takes more time than I’d imagined.
  • “Island busy” still is worlds better than my former life “busy.”
  • I feel very much “me” when writing here, as opposed to, oh let’s say, a legal brief or contract revision.
  • Random little bits of related joy, like getting positive feedback from an author whom I’ve admired and a blogger who inspired me.
  • Wikipedia’s picture of a hogfish looks just a bit different from the ones I see in the water or on the fish-cleaning bench.
  • There’s still so much about island living that I’ve yet to conquer: better boat skills, cleaning fish, handy-woman prowess, native style cooking, free-diving, identification of indigenous plants and much more!

What have you learned from this blog in the last month? Thanks for continuing along with me!

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